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Pelican-Hardigg MobileIT™ cases are lightweight and durable, designed to transport computers, laptops, printers, monitors and office machines to and from field operations. Each IT case is outfitted with optimal cushioning for ultimate protection. Or you can customize a case to fit your specific requirements. At EPS and SCS, we can deliver a customized case to hold any combination of gear that you require.


Laptop/Desktop Cases

Pelican Hardigg laptop cases can hold 1,6,8,10,12 or more laptops in one case. They also have ample storage room for adapters and cables.

Pelican Hardigg desktop cases are made to hold the CPU, keyboard, mouse, cables, adapters and manuals. Plus, these cases can be customized to hold other IT equipment.

EPS and SCS can deliver laptop and desktop cases that are customized for your needs.


Printer Cases

Pelican Hardigg printer cases are rotationally molded, airtight, watertight and lightweight. They are designed to hold any printer or plotter, with protective features that ensure your printer or plotter will be ready to use when you open the case.

At EPS and SCS, we can provide customized printer cases to hold any supporting equipment or materials, such as paper, spare ink cartridges, cords and manuals.


Monitor Cases

Pelican Hardigg monitor cases are designed to be a perfect fit for your monitor and accompanying cords and manual. At EPS and SCS, we can deliver a customized Pelican Hardigg single lid, Pelican Protector, or Pelican Storm case to meet your requirements. These cases come with custom foam inserts so your monitor will be secure and protected.


Rackmount Cases

Pelican Hardigg rackmount cases come in six different styles with varying levels of protection. From the Pro Rack case, designed for local transport, to the deep server rackmount cases, these options ensure that your equipment will arrive intact and ready to use. At EPS and SCS, we’ll work to help you find the customized rackmount case that serves your needs.