Custom Cases / Anvil / M.A.C.C. Military Cases


Anvil’s M.A.C.C. (Military Application Cases and Containers) line offers military cases with matte black, nonreflective hardware. These cases are made of strong, solid components and tested to meet the most stringent U.S. military requirements. Each case is designed to provide maximum shock absorption and protect against damage caused by vibration. Water seals and gaskets are standard features, ensuring that your equipment is safe from the elements. These cases are durable under the harshest conditions.

The M.A.C.C. line meets MIL-STAN 810 C & D, and we can ensure your cases meet other military specifications.


  1. ¼”, 3/8” or ½” Construction

  2. Full-length steel piano hinge (when specified)

  3. Tapered aluminum edging

  4. ABS plastic, aluminum, fiberglass or carpet exterior laminate

  5. Steel recessed handles (size permitting)

  6. Tongue-in groove valance

  7. Steel split rivets

  8. Steel recessed latches (size permitting)

  9. Steel ball corners (size permitting)

custom anvil case custom cut foam custom foam case

Common Anvil Forge Case Customizations

  • Shock Mount Rack System
  • M.I.C.S.TM – patented Modular Interlocking Case System
  • Locking Mechanisms: Non-recessed Hasp Lock or Cylindrical Keylock
  • Pressure Relief Valve on Recessed Dish
  • Roll-in Ramps


M.A.C.C. Military Cases are designed to meet the following certifications. The Custom Case Group can test and certify to additional certifications to meet your requirements.

  • MIL-STD 810 C & D