When you call us for a custom case, we can help you choose the type of case that best suits your application--plastic, aluminum or wood/composite. Our design staff uses a variety of materials and methods, including rotational molding, injection molding, blow molding, formed aluminum and plywood fabrication, to construct the right case for your needs.

Our cases come in a variety of sizes and dimensions, so whether you're looking for a lightweight, portable case or a heavy-duty shipping case, we've got the options you need. We can customize the features of any case to provide you with a solution for any specific requirements. Some of our customizations have included designing exterior ports for electronic connections and installing cooling fans to keep the case contents operational with the case lid closed.

We use the latest, state-of-the-art equipment and technology in providing you with a custom case.

Our custom foam capabilities ensure that your valued goods and equipment are protected and secure under any conditions. Our engineers use foam-fabricating equipment, including steel die cutting, water jet cutting and router and FlashCut CNC cutting machines, and CAD/CAM software to customize case interiors. Our technology allows us to construct the type of foam you need as well as cut the foam to your specifications.

  • Our steel die cutting machines create precise and accurate shapes in the foam interior to fit your equipment.
  • Our water jet cutting machines can handle intricate designs with precision and allow for shorter lead times.
  • Our FlashCut CNC machines provide the ultimate control in precision-cutting and are used for a wide variety of applications.
  • With CAD/CAM software, we have the capability to take a concept from design to production seamlessly.

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We're proud to be certified to standards under the ISO for a range of industries, from health care to aerospace, and to meet mil-specs and other standards for the military and government.

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