Chemical Gas Masks Transport Cases

Client: US National Guard
Application: Transport / Rapid Deployment of Chemical Gas Masks
Case Manufacturer: Pelican Cases
Description: Ensure safe transport / rapid deployment of chemical gas masks for crew of C-130 planes
Customization: Pelican case with custom waterjet-cut high-density foam

We always consider it an honor to work with our US Armed Forces, and this latest project was no different. The US National Guard asked us to provide a solution for safe transport and rapid deployment of chemical gas masks for the flight crew of their C-130 transport planes.

We’d been called upon to come up with a similar solution for M-9 pistols, which had to be hidden within the fuselage to ensure the crew would be safe during supply deliveries into hostile regions. We took a similar design approach to this new challenge. In the case image here, you can see the perfect fit we were able to achieve using waterjet cutting technology to customize high density foam within a Pelican case. The case in this picture holds a complete mask for one individual with replacement canisters and hoses.

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