Custom Cases for Covert Weapons Transport

Client: Law enforcement agency
Application: Covert weaponry transport
Case Manufacturer: Pelican Storm
Description: Custom military cases for covert transport of "knocked down" semi-automatic weapons.
Customization: Custom water jet-cut high density foam

An urban law enforcement agency conducting undercover and SWAT operations needed to covertly transport weaponry in plain sight. They approached Engineered Packaging Solutions to develop a low profile, custom military-style case for their specially designed, high-powered rifles, which “knock down” into smaller sections for portability.

Our design engineers started with a Pelican Storm case made from high performance resins, easy open latches and comfortable, long lasting soft-grip handles. We threw in lightweight for good measure. Next, we used water jet-cut, high density foam cushioning to maximize interior space and maintain the case’s low-profile objective.

Each piece of the disassembled rifle fits securely in its location, allowing for quick visual inventory and rapid assembly when needed.

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